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Caravan Next

A large-scale social community theatre collaborative project connecting professional artists with communities and citizens in a network of theatre organisations and cultural institutions all over Europe, and now Australia! Through it's work, Caravan Next uses art and theatre, often outside regular theatre buildings, to promote community empowerment.


Teatr Brama

An independent and globally-performing theatre ensemble from Goleniow, Poland, that brings together a large number of restless and creative young people whose individualism does not fit the framework of small-town archetypes. Teatr Brama aims revolutionise the relationship between audience and theatre by utilising performance to create participatory meetings.


Alice Williams

A performance maker and PhD candidate based in Sydney, Australia, Alice Williams works between forms of theatre and performance with an interest in how social codes transform through theatrical behaviour. She works in community theatre collaborations with socially engaged theatre companies, and her works have been commissioned for festivals interstate and have toured internationally. She is currently completing her Doctoral thesis discussing the social role of theatrical technique 'The Production of Luck' at the University of Sydney.

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Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

A truly international theatre company created in Oslo (Norway) in 1964, before moving to Holstebro (Denmark) in 1966, Odin Teatret/Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium comprises members from 11 countries and four continents. It's activities include local and overseas touring theatre productions, multi-faceted engagement of other theatre groups and communities, education, festival production, publishing, film & video production, research, children's performances, exhibitions, concerts, round tables, and other cultural initiatives

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Anna Stigsgaard

A director-in-residence at the international theatre Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Denmark). Anna Stigsgaard is a Master in Comparative Literature (University of Copenhagen) who studied as a director with Eugenio Barba of Odin Teatret, and went on to create large social community theatre projects in Portugal, Denmark, and Italy, as well as directing theatre performances in Brazil, Italy and Romania. She has always worked extensively with music and polyphonic singing, seeing it as an essential element in all theatre work.

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Shopfront Arts Co-op

A youth-led arts co-op bringing together young people to express themselves – to learn, share and bring their imaginations to life. Shopfront is a space for celebrating the amazing ideas and creativity generated by young people and emerging artists.

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Milk Crate Theatre

An organisation using performing arts to change the story of homelessness. Milk Crate provides creative opportunities for community members with lived experience of homelessness to build confidence, skills and social connections

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The Tudor Hotel

A family-friendly and proud part of the local community offering a great local experience for those that live, work and play in Redfern. The Tudor has one of the broadest and tastiest bistro menus in the neighbourhood, along with an abundance of craft beers and local wines.

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Madison Avenue

A leading source of strategic communications for ethical organisations with passionate people in future thinking roles. Madison Avenue creates cost-effective campaigns that engage audiences more intimately by improving the way organisations communicate.

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